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Manassas City Police Department has announced the release of its 2017 Annual Report, which includes news about crime rate:

On February 26, 2018 the Manassas City Police Department released the 2017 Annual Report during Chief Douglas W. Keen’s presentation to City Council.

The Annual Report is an opportunity for the Manassas City Police Department to help citizens stay informed about crime in their community as well as highlight the department’s work. Information contained in the 2017 Annual Report helps shape the department’s enforcement and crime prevention goals for 2018. In addition, the Manassas City Police Department utilizes the data analysis to direct patrol services and specialized units to areas in need of enforcement. The Annual Report increases transparency and furthers the Police Department’s commitment to provide excellent services to the community.

During the presentation, Chief Keen praised staff for “their tireless efforts, hard work and professionalism”. Chief Keen also spoke on the department’s continued commitment to “fair and impartial policing”, “the diversity of the agency”, and the “mental and physical well-being of staff”. “As an agency, we have achieved the highest level possible within the National Accreditation (CALEA) process, had high ratings in the Manager’s community survey and crime rates remain the lowest in over 10 years”, said Chief Keen.

The 2017 Annual Report and video of the February 26, 2018 City Council meeting can be found on the city’s website or accessed at the links below.


2017 Annual Report

Video of City Council Meeting