Manassas has a beat all its own.

Historic, with our heritage of courage and strategic thinking. And modern with an economy amped up by high-tech employers, a steady influx of youth to our colleges and an enviable quality of life. We invite you to come experience the “new” Manassas for yourself.

We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Manassas is Transforming

Just 30 miles west of D.C., the City of Manassas is steeped in history and tradition. We take great pride in the pivotal role it played in transforming our country into one united nation. And Manassas continues to transform.

Boasting urban amenities with unique, small-town charm, Manassas attracts a creative class of entrepreneurs who are changing the face of our City. Authentic, eclectic, driven—they are breathing new life onto the streets of Manassas.

Our economy is strong and strengthens with each new business and each new expansion. Companies, large and small, are finding success. From micro-breweries and distilleries, to one-of-a-kind restaurants and boutique retail shops, to international employers like Micron and Lockheed Martin, they all are experiencing growth.

Come, and be a part of the transformation.

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