The City of Manassas boasts one of the most business-friendly communities in the region. With a AAA-bond rating, a flexible regulatory environment combined with a unique blend of fiscal conservatism and progressive economic development programs, small- and mid-sized companies flourish.

  • Fast-Track Permitting

    We understand that time is money. So the City is committed to having one of the lowest plan/permit review periods in Northern Virginia. On average, 94 percent of building plans have been reviewed within two weeks. We also offer walk-in hours for simple tenant layouts and are a City-wide Technology Zone.

  • Competitive Business Taxes

    Business, Professional & Occupational Licenses (BPOL) have a gross receipt threshold of $150,000. The business personal property tax rate is $3.70 for each $100 of assessed value and $1.25 for computer equipment.

  • Robust Incentives Package

    The City recently expanded its performance-based incentive offerings to include Façade and Landscape Improvement Grants.