The City’s Economic Development is here to help you start, expand or relocate your business. Whether you are a site selector or a business owner we are your first point of contact. Our job is to make yours easier. When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through every step of the way providing tailored property and demographic reports, incentive information and serving as your concierge to other City departments.

Start Your Business


Whether you’re starting a small business or you’re a solopreneur, there’s a movement in the D.C. area towards co-working. And in Historic Downtown, Manassas, that space is CenterFuse. Here, we’ve captured the energy of this eclectic city in our unique business accelerator where ideas are as fresh as the Farmer’s Markets, the passion as fiery as the tacos across the street and the convenience as distinct as the whistles from nearby Amtrak and VRE trains.

Locate Your Business

One of the most important decisions for any business is location. Whether you are new to the City or looking to expand, we are ready to help identify location options that best suit your needs. For personalized site selection assistance, contact us. We are here to help!

Expand Your Business

Business Assistance Program

Existing businesses are the primary driver of the economic growth in Manassas. Thankfully, this sector is thriving, in part due to the City’s proactive approach to businesses expansion through the creation of a strong business development program. The program’s primary focus is on business expansion and becoming a center for entrepreneurial success. Staff meet with local owners to discuss each company’s needs and suggest a variety of available business resources. Don’t delay, contact us today to learn more!

We’re Here to Help

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