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Economic development is fiercely competitive.  As a result, localities develop creative programs and strategies to differentiate themselves.  The City of Manassas offers a robust Economic Incentive package to attract new and retain existing businesses by offsetting the costs of expanding and relocating.  We know that our economic success is tied to growth in the private sector and believe that the limited use of incentives can be the game changer for businesses deciding between one community and another.

To encourage technology-based businesses, Manassas has designated the entire City a Technology Zone.  This program gives Manassas the opportunity to support the businesses and industries of tomorrow.

Tourism is vital to our local economy-few communities have such a defining role in US history.  To support growth in this industry, Manassas established two Tourism Zones; at the Landing at Cannon Branch and in Historic Downtown.  As a VA Main Street Community, the City has also designated a Downtown Arts and Tourism District to attract artists, boutique retailers and charming restaurants.

Businesses that support these industries are eligible for cash grants, fee waivers, tax exemption and permitting assistance.

For additional information on this, and other pro-business initiatives, visit our website at ChooseManassas.org.