Include Local Manassas Stores in Your Holiday Shopping

As we transition into the final months of 2020, the holiday season is now upon us. There’s one
thing we can all agree on – it’s been a crazy year and we all deserve to treat ourselves to
something extra special.

The 2020 holiday season is shaping up to be “less traditional” than most. Less travel. Fewer and
smaller gatherings. Wearing masks when we go out, to make sure the only thing we spread is
holiday cheer.

No matter how crazy 2020 has been, there’s something that remains true this holiday season –
shopping locally is as important as ever. In fact, even more so. Many local Manassas businesses
have been working hard to overcome the economic impact of COVID-19 and a successful
holiday season could make a huge difference in helping them finish the year on a high note.
Online shopping has become even more popular this year and many of our Manassas
businesses are also offering a digital shopping experience. In fact, many of them offer the
option of safe pick-up or delivery, allowing you to quickly check everything off your shopping

The money you spend in Manassas stays in Manassas in the form of local sales tax revenues,
and even helps encourage local businesses to stay and expand in our community.
‘Tis the season, 2020 style! Let’s stick together to support local businesses and their
commitment to providing only the best products and services to the residents of Manassas.
Buying in Manassas really matters! We can all have the happiest of holidays, even in the
craziest of years. There’s no reason Black Friday can’t be a local affair!