The holiday season is a critical time of the year for many small businesses. How much shoppers spend between Black Friday and the end of December often determines whether or not retail businesses turn a profit for the year. As online shopping grows, Buying Local and Shopping Small become increasingly important to the health of our economy.

No matter what you buy, buy it in Manassas!

Whether you are dining, buying groceries, getting gas, or purchasing a new jacket, buying in Manassas really matters. The money you spend in Manassas stays in Manassas in the form of local sales tax revenues, and even helps encourage local businesses to stay and expand in our community. Something as simple as filling up your gas tank in Manassas makes an impact, as a portion of gasoline taxes supports local transit like PRTC bus service and the Virginia Railway Express.

The City also receives 1% of the state sales tax that is collected and while that may not sound like much, it certainly adds up.  As does the revenue generated by dining at one of the City’s fantastic restaurants and cafes.  In fact, last year more than $11.3 million was generated by residents and visitors choosing to shop and dine in Manassas.  This money helps the City continue to provide the highest quality public services – police, fire, parks and recreation– to which our community has become accustom.

Buying Local vs Buying Online

What you may feel you are gaining with the convenience and speed of buying online is greatly offset by the impact it has on the local economy, which is …none. No taxes are collected, no local jobs are supported or created, and no Manassas businesses benefit from your purchase. Local purchases directly impact the local economy and your quality of life. There’s also something to be said for the human contact that is lost with online shopping, and the satisfaction of seeing face-to-face how you are supporting a local Manassas business.

Whether a chain store or an independent business, buying local helps. While more money stays within the city when purchasing at local small businesses, buying from chain stores helps to stimulate the economy and supports local jobs.

Small Business Saturday in Manassas

An important annual nationwide tradition was started in 2010 to help small businesses recover from the recession: Small Business Saturday. The Saturday after Thanksgiving has become a day to encourage people to avoid the retail giants and bring more holiday shopping to small businesses. Last year, consumers spent $17.8 billion at independent retailers on Small Business Saturday! The day creates a tradition for shoppers that has lasting effects for small business communities. The 2018 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey reported that 96% of shoppers said that Small Business Saturday makes them want to Shop Small all year long, not just during the holiday season.

When you’re out shopping this holiday season, remember that you have a choice. Online shopping may be a bit more convenient, but there is so much more to consider. Pick the option that helps your friends, neighbors, and community- shop local in Manassas.