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Click here to watch the Local DVM news clip about the Governor’s Technology Award presented to the City of Manassas and the Manassas Regional Airport.


MANASSAS, Va. – The City of Manassas and the Manassas Regional Airport received the Governor’s Technology Award for their new phone app, Regional Airport Inspection.

The app allows airport staff to perform inspections of the property and communicate any findings through GPS technology.

“You basically use your tablet device to put dots on a map to identify problems that need to be fixed and communicate that to the maintenance staff,” said Margaret Montgomery, GIS coordinator.

Officials say this new application saves time and increases efficiency. Airport staff has already found several discrepancies for maintenance workers to fix.

“Things that we may see are things like cracks or potholes that may be on the airport or something or garbage and debris that we may have to pick up,” said Richard Allabaugh, the airport operations officer.

Officials say the app functions as a real time reporting system and eliminates the confusion of handwritten notes.

“Our archives, which we are required to keep two years of data on paper…It makes it hard to go back and find those attention areas that you need to get to and you can easily run a report through digital archives to find those areas of focus,” said Allabaugh.

Officials say this comes down to the city advancing technology to create a greater ease of access for staff.