Proposed road work is receiving support from the business community.

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce in Manassas is voicing its support for a Road Bond Referendum.

Several projects would be included in the $355 million proposal, if it’s approved by voters in the upcoming General Election on November 5, according to a release from the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

Building a bypass on Route 28 is among them.

Expected to cost about $300 million, the bypass seeks to reduce traffic between Manassas and Fairfax County, according to a presentation to the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS).

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) is providing $100 million for the project, according to Chamber Chairman Bishop Lyle Dukes.

“However, without the additional $200 million that this referendum provides the Route 28 Project would be delayed indefinitely,” Dukes said in a release.

Prince William County is also considering widening Devlin Road and Route 55.

Improvements at the Prince William Parkway-Minnieville Road and Old Bridge Road-Gordon Boulevard intersections would be made, as well.

The Road Bond Referendum projects would help address traffic across the county, the chamber’s Director of Communications and Government Affairs Ross Snare explained.

“Right now Route 28 currently carries over 57,000 vehicles per day. If we do not vote ‘Yes,’ that number will reach over 76,000 a day by 2040,” Snare said in a release. “Also if we vote ‘Yes’ on this referendum, we will dramatically improve travel times by saving commuters over 40 minutes on Route 28 and alternate routes as well as take nearly 8,000 vehicles off the roads of Historic Downtown Manassas.”

More information about the Road Bond Referendum and the Park Bond Referendum is available on the county’s website.