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A local airport leader has been recognized for connecting aviation businesses with operators.

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) recently honored Manassas Regional Airport Director Juan Rivera.

Rivera received the 2017 Airport Executive Partnership Award, according to a City of Manassas press release.

“I am honored to receive this award,” Juan Rivera said in the release. “The Manassas Regional Airport is an economic gem for the entire region and I am pleased that the efforts of the staff and Airport Commission to promote a business-friendly environment have been recognized by the association that represents the thousands of general aviation businesses across the country.”

NATA presented the annual award as part of the Industry Excellence Awards.

According to a release from NATA, Rivera fosters “fair and transparent competition” with businesses.

“Recently, he has successfully aided in the development of a new FBO facility, a multi-acre building site and a hangar space,” the NATA press release stated. “Mr. Rivera also cultivates relationships between the airport tenants and the Airport Commission to balance the needs of HEF (Manassas Regional Airport’s call letters) overall, resulting in growth at Manassas Regional Airport and the financial health of its operators.”