High Purity Systems Decides to Grow in Manassas, Invest $8.5 Million, and Create 105 New Jobs

Given the choice between locating a new facility in Maryland or staying in Virginia and growing, High Purity Systems, Inc. decided to expand its current manufacturing capabilities in the City of Manassas. The Manassas native is an industry leader in the fabrication and installation of process piping systems, and will invest $8.5 million to build on its base of operations with a new 30,000-square-foot production facility that will triple production, and create 105 new jobs with an average salary of $100,000.

“High Purity Systems has thrived in the City of Manassas for more than three decades, and we are honored that the company has again chosen to reinvest in the Commonwealth for its latest multi-million-dollar expansion,” said Governor Ralph Northam.

The growing reputation of Manassas as a regional high-tech hub

In recent years, Manassas has become a magnet for advanced manufacturing and technology-based businesses, and with companies like Micron Technology, Aurora Flight Sciences (a Boeing Company), and Chantilly Air recently announcing their plans to expand and grow in Manassas, it’s not surprising that High Purity Systems decided to stay put and do the same. These economic development victories are signs of a vibrant local economy that is continuing to strengthen, and have made Manassas an even bigger draw for businesses to locate and thrive.

Recent achievements include:

  • 4 major expansions for businesses choosing to stay and grow in Manassas
  • Over $3.2 Billion of investments announced since August 2018
  • More than 1,250 technology and advanced manufacturing jobs added since July 2018

“High Purity Systems has become a vital part of the Manassas business community with ties to several of the City’s largest employers in aerospace and advanced manufacturing. We are proud to have created an environment in which companies like HPS thrive and grow here in Manassas, helping make us a regional employment center with one of the greatest percentages of high-wage jobs in professional and technical services in Virginia,” said Manassas Mayor Harry J. Parrish.

The region’s highly-skilled and qualified workforce is a winning edge

The City’s ability to attract and keep private sector jobs is a rapidly-growing source of satisfaction and approval among Manassas residents. In fact, Virginia already has the highest concentration of skilled workers in the U.S., and Manassas has the 4th highest pay in the state for tech workers. The continued availability and influx of this highly-qualified and highly-paid workforce makes it an easy decision for companies like High Purity Systems to stay and grow in Manassas.

The City of Manassas won the expansion with the help of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and they will continue to show their commitment to new, evolving, or expanding businesses in Manassas like High Purity Systems. State-funded programs will help support and fund employee training for current and new residents of Manassas. This commitment by the state is an attractive incentive to other businesses, since it reduces their burden of workforce training.

“High Purity Systems, Inc. is proud to partner with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the City of Manassas Economic Development Authority to expand our operations,” said Jody Ralston, CEO of High Purity Systems, Inc. “Our company and our employees’ families have deep roots in the area, which is why we’re thrilled to remain in the City of Manassas and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This expansion significantly increases our capacity to serve our industrial and government client base throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, as well as our national fabrication customers.”